Tomorrow Today

Welcoming the Future

Who are we?

The Tomorrow Today Society is a citizen group that exists to welcome the future. We endeavour to raise awareness of the state of the art of technology and advocate for its adoption. We are a non-profit organization that believes that small efforts can yield big improvements in our society.

In a world of misinformation, we have collected together sources of legitimate information that you can count on for science and the future. Enjoy.

Bill Lewis
Phone: (306) 262-1123

Yuri's Night

The Tomorrow Today Society presents Yuri's Night, a celebration of human space travel.

Our goal is to showcase local work in space research and space industry and inspire the space professionals of the future to follow their dreams as we celebrate manned spaceflight since Yuri Gagarin's first flight on April 12, 1961.
Due to the COVID-19 pandemic our Yuri's Night celebration moved to the global live streaming party featuring:
  • Canadian astronaut, Chris Hadfield,
  • American astronaut Scott Kelly interviewing the Grateful Dead musician Bob Weir,
  • Bill Nye as CEO of the Planetary Society,
  • and so many more
Yuri's Night Playlist

On April 8-12, 2019, our local volunteers who work or play in the field of space made presentations to the delight of 902 Grades 5 to 8 students in Saskatoon.
Thank you to our sponsors SaskTel and SED Systems, and a special thank you to the 7 University of Saskatchewan Space Team members who made time between exams and studying to connect with our kids.

If space is one of your passions, and you can see yourself giving a 60 min presentation to classes, give Bill an email at

Famous Science Communicators

In a world where it is difficult to distinguish the facts and science from the noise, we've collected videos that feature several science communicators that you can trust.

Meet several of our favourite science communicators in the featured pair of videos called The Great Debate: The Storytelling of Science. It gets passionate - Neil deGrasse Tyson rips off his shirt and Bill Nye picks a fist fight - but Richard Dawkins' amazing story about European cuckoos is a must see.
The Great Debate: The Storytelling of Science - Part 1 Part 2 Full Playlist

The Late Carl Sagan was one of the most gifted science communicators of the last century. Watch his "Lost Lecture" to get a measure of the man. His 13 part television series COSMOS from the 1980s is provided on our playlist and, because he describes fundamentally true concepts, it holds up well today. Episode 2 starts with a Samurai battle.
Carl Sagan Playlist

Brian Cox came to Edmonton to blow the audience away with his explanations of black holes. Bonus: He looks and sounds like the 6th Beatle!
Brian Cox Playlist

Michio Kaku is a visionary physicist whose readable books predict a future of our technology that will astonish you. A Grade 9 student in Saskatoon revealed that Dr. Kaku was her hero; she was encouraged to write him a letter. Perhaps in 10 years should could be one of his students.
Michio Kaku Playlist

Neil deGrasse Tyson has done so much to help communicate science in an accessible way through his television show, StarTalk, and other means that we can provide just a small sample of his overall work on our YouTube Channel playlist. Did you know that the sun affects the tides as well as the moon? Want to know why the sky is blue? Check it out.
Neil deGrasse Tyson Playlist

Famed geneticist, Richard Dawkins, has revealed that our genetic codes also influence our behaviour. His English accent is lovely as well.
Richard Dawkins Playlist

We all have heard of Albert Einstein but did you know he caused an amazing race of scientists chasing eclipses all over the world in the midst of World War I? His life story is amazing.
Albert Einstein Playlist

Artificial Intelligence and Autonomous Vehicles

One of our faves, Brian Cox, hosts a panel of leading experts in Artificial Intelligence. Listen closely to Professor Joanna Bryson as she makes some stunning points about defining intelligence and humanity's biases about it - a real eye-opener.
Artificial Intelligence Playlist

Autonomous vehicles are all but operating publicly now. The software is pretty much ready. Autonomous vehicles can provide a host of benefits to our society. After viewing our playlist, if you still think that humans driving would be safer, then please call Bill (contact information).
Autonomous Vehicles Playlist

Boston Dynamics is a leader in robotic motion. This playlist contains stunning demonstrations of robotics, and this is some of their older work! The technology has arrived!
Boston Dynamics Playlist

Mars and Beyond

The Mars Society founder, Dr. Robert Zubrin, has done more for exploring Mars in the last 25 years than anyone until Elon Musk. Dr. Zubrin's Mars Direct Plan shows how to use Apollo-era technology to get people to Mars cheaply and safely - great writer as well so get his books. Just don't get him started on how NASA has wasted decades on sending people to Low Earth Orbit (LEO) or how building a space station that orbits the moon is a waste of resources - he does not hold back! His annual conference is of high quality and features the superstars of NASA, SpaceX, Virgin Galactic, and more.
Mars Society Playlist

See Elon Musk's first announcements of his plan to build a transportation system to Mars. He is dedicating his life to this cause. See his interview with Dr. Zubrin where they conclude that the Mars Society will provide the WILL and SpaceX will provide the WAY.
Elon Musk Playlist

Calgarian and proud Canadian, Zac Trolley wants to go to space and/or create a space economy based in Western Canada.
Zac Trolley Playlist


The ocean's surface above depths greater than 500m is devoid of life. Imagine solving many of humanity's greatest issues such as restoring the oceans, reversing climate change, fixing democracy, and more by colonizing the other 70% of the Earth's surface. Joe Quirk's book is a masterpiece - watch the playlist and then contact Bill for your copy of the book.
Seasteading Playlist


A guide is needed to cut through the misinformation and dogma surrounding nuclear activities, and that guide is Neil Alexander, former Director of the Sylvia Fedoruk Canadian Centre for Nuclear Innovation in Saskatoon. On his new website, Let's Talk Nuclear, Neil uses wit and repartee to expose baseless arguments found within the written media. Our hope is that, besides being educational, you will find Neil's commentary to be a refreshing return to reason and rationality on a controversial topic.