Tomorrow Today

Welcoming the Future

Who are we?

The Tomorrow Today Society is a citizen group that exists to welcome the future. We endeavour to raise awareness of the state of the art of technology and advocate for its adoption. We are a non-profit organization that believes that small efforts can yield big improvements in our society.

We are working to bring residents of Saskatchewan their first first-hand experience with driverless cars, which will create safer streets. Over 900 grades 5 to 8 students will be inspired to learn math and science by meeting Canadian astronauts at our Yuri's Night. Please help support these and future efforts of the Tomorrow Today Society by donating today.
Bill Lewis
Phone: (306) 262-1123

Yuri's Night

The Tomorrow Today Society presents Yuri's Night, a celebration of human space travel.

Our goal is to showcase local work in space research and space industry and inspire the space professionals of the future to follow their dreams as we celebrate manned spaceflight since Yuri Gagarin's first flight on April 12, 1961.

We weren't able to reach our fundraising goal for our big event, so now we're bringing Yuri's Night to grade 5-8 classrooms in Saskatoon!

If space is one of your passions, and you can see yourself giving a 60 min presentation to classes, give Bill an email at